ABC One broadcasts a variety of programming through its flagship VHF terrestrial television station ABC One Manila Channel 3. These programs include news and current affairs, drama, anime, reality and variety shows, game shows, sitcom, and talk shows.

The company also broadcast in different channels that also have specialized programs aimed at different audiences. From time to time, these channels produce and broadcast television specials such as regional festivals, concerts, cultural events, and sports events.

Most of the network's programs are produced at the ABC Broadcast Headquarters in Silang, Cavite

Currently Broadcast from ABC One Manila[edit]Edit

ABC Informative and Integrated News and Public/Current Affairs[edit]Edit


Public/Current Affairs[edit]Edit

  • Panorama (2013 - present)
  • Vigilante! (2014 - present)
  • #Hashtag (2014 - present)
  • ABC Profiles (2014 - present)
  • May Balita Ako Sa Iyo! (2014 - present)
  • Sunday Question Time (2013 - present)
  • Bitag (co-production with BST Trimedia Productions; 2011- present)
  • Pinoy US Cops: Ride Along (co-production with BST Trimedia Productions; 2011- present)

Local Drama[edit]Edit







Animega Originals[edit]Edit

Variety Shows[edit]Edit

  • Houkago Noon-Time Show (2012 - present)
  • Game 'N Go (2012 - present)

Talk Shows[edit]Edit

  • Muse Live! (2014 - present)
  • The Tonight Show (2011 - present)
  • Late Nites (2014 - present)
  • The Last Call (2011 - present)

Game Shows[edit]Edit

Talent Shows[edit]Edit






Currently Broadcast from ABC Regional Network[edit]Edit

Region I[edit]Edit

  • Today in Vigan
  • Look North Vigan
  • Grandstand Ilocos
  • Sunday Talk Ilocos
  • Game 'N Go Ilocos

Region II[edit]Edit

  • Today in Tugegarao
  • Look North Cagayan
  • ABC Batanes News
  • Grandstand Cagayan
  • Sunday Talk Cagayan
  • Game 'N Go Cagayan Valley


  • Today in Baguio
  • Midlands Tonight
  • Grandstand Baguio
  • Sunday Talk Baguio
  • Game 'N Go Baguio

Central Luzon[edit]Edit

  • Central Luzon Today (simulcast on affiliate CLTV-36)
  • Balitang Central Luzon (delayed telecast on affiliate CLTV-36)
  • Grandstand Central
  • Sunday Talk Central Luzon
  • Game 'N Go Central Luzon


  • Metro Luzon Tonight
  • Palawan News Tonight
  • Metro Luzon Grandstand
  • Sunday Talk Metro Luzon
  • Game 'N Go +


  • Today in Naga (simulcast on affiliate PBN-5 NagaPBN-6 Legazpi and PBN-11 Legazpi)
  • Southern Luzon Tonight (delayed telecast on affiliate PBN-5 NagaPBN-6 Legazpi and PBN-11 Legazpi)
  • ABC Catanduanes News
  • ABC Masbate News
  • Grandstand Bicol
  • Sunday Talk Bicol
  • Game 'N Go Southern Luzon

Western Visayas[edit]Edit

  • Panay News Tonight
  • ABC News Guimaras
  • ABC Negros News
  • Grandstand Panay
  • Grandstand Negros
  • Sunday Talk Western Visayas
  • Game 'N Go Panay
  • Game 'N Go Negros

Central Visayas[edit]Edit

  • Today in Cebu
  • ABC Newsline
  • Grandstand Central Visayas
  • Sunday Talk Cebu
  • Game 'N Go Cebu

Eastern Visayas[edit]Edit

  • Today in Tacloban (simulcast on affiliate TV5 Leyte channel 4)
  • Tacloban Tonight (simulcast on affiliate TV5 Leyte channel 4)
  • Tabang Watch
  • Grandstand Tacloban
  • Sunday Talk Tacloban
  • Game 'N Go Tacloban


  • Today in Zamboanga (simulcast on GBPI-11 Zamboanga)
  • Zamboanga Tonight (simulcast on affiliate GBPI-11 Zamboanga)
  • Grandstand Zamboanga
  • Sunday Talk Zamboanga
  • Game 'N Go Zamboanga


  • CARAGA Today (simulcast on affiliate SBS-8 Tandag, SBS-13 Butuan, and SBS-10 Agusan del Sur)
  • Caraga Tonight (delayed telecast on affiliate SBS-8 Tandag, SBS-13 Butuan, and SBS-10 Agusan del Sur)
  • ABC News Dinagat
  • Grandstand Butuan
  • Sunday Talk Butuan
  • Game 'N Go CARAGA

Davao Region[edit]Edit

  • Today In Davao
  • Mindanao Tonight
  • Grandstand Davao
  • Sunday Talk Davao
  • Game 'N Go Davao

Northern Mindanao[edit]Edit

  • Today in CDO
  • Look North CDO
  • ABC News Camiguin
  • Grandstand CDO
  • Sunday Talk CDO
  • Game 'N Go Northern Mindanao

Southern Mindanao[edit]Edit

  • Today in GenSan
  • South Today
  • Grandstand GenSan
  • Sunday Talk GenSan
  • Game 'N Go Southern Mindanao


  • Today in Cotabato
  • Bangsamoro Reports
  • ABC Bangsamoro Islands News
  • Grandstand Cotabato
  • Sunday Talk Cotabato
  • Game 'N Go Cotabato

Upcoming Programs[edit]Edit

TV Series[edit]Edit

Reality Series[edit]Edit


AniMega Originals[edit]Edit